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What is it?

A lease with the right to purchase is a lease agreement along with a purchase agreement that gives you the right to purchase the property you are leasing,, if you so choose. This option allows you to exercise your right to purchase within 1-5 years of the inital lease agreement. 

Basic Qualifications

  • 550 credit Score Transunion
  • $50,000 annual household income
  • 1 year favorable rental/payment history


Types of qualified homes


Start the process

You will be asked to register and a link will be sent to your email. You will be asked 6 pre-qualifying questions and if you pass you will be sent to complete the full household application and pay the $99 application fee. 

How does it compare...

Lease with right to purchase

Lease Term 1-5 years

Monthly Payments Small increases each year that you continue to lease

Rent Payment Credits No 

Approved Homes Any approved location Resale homes or New Construction Less than 1 acre (other restrictions apply)

Type of Property Single Family, Townhomes

(other restrictions apply)

Lease to Own

 Lease Term 2-5 years

Monthly Payments Increases or decreases based on taxes and HOA

Rent Payment Credits Yes* (other terms apply)

Approved Homes Within 50 miles of Phoenix Metro New Construction Preferred  Updated within past 10 years (other restrictions apply) 

Type of Property Multi-Family, Single Family, Condos, Townhomes



Lease with right to purchase


Good for those seeking a single family home. Interested in repairing credit and/or finances to buy preferably within the first year of leasing or; Long term tenant who wants to have the option to buy. Resale or new construction homes to be moved in within 45-90 days of selecting the home.

  • Credit Score 550 with Transunion 
  • Min Income Requirements $50,000 Annual 
  • Positive Rental/Payment History 1 year 
  • Evictions: 3+ years old
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 7 must be discharged other chapters OK
  •  Cash on Hand 1.5xs the rent upon home selection 


Lease to Own


Good for those seeking a 2nd home, multi-family or investment property. Has good income and reserves with a goal of financing in 24 months. Prefers new construction homes or newly remodeled property has cash on hand ready to move in within 45 days of selecting the home.  


  • Credit Score 580 FICO score 
  • Min Income Requirements $3,600 per month
  • Positive Rental History 24 months 
  • Bankruptcy OK, with approval
  • Cash on Hand Must have $4,000 in reserves over the past 2 mos

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