Our promise

Helping Establish Roots provides responsible households with a transparent path to home ownership through our Lease Option Resource Program.  We provide legitimate lease options as well as resources to help you successfully finance the property within 1-5 years. 


Step one

Pick an Option 

  Decide between the Lease with the Right to Purchase or the Lease to Own program. Didn't know you had options? Review both here. Need help deciding? Take a short quiz and someone will contact you regarding your results. Quiz me!


Step Two

Apply and get approved for an option

Once approved for either program a rent threshold will be set and you will then schedule showings with Licensed REALTOR®  Brooke Carlton. 

Once a home is identified  an offer will be placed on the home you select and the buying process begins. Each program has a different buying policy be sure to review! 


Step three

Money Down

Both programs require money up front whether it be the 1.5 months rent or 1% of the purchase. Once you are approved and find a home that you would like to put an offer in on. You must be prepared to put your those monies down.  


Moving in

Once you select a home the buying process begins. A closing date as well as you move in date will be established. The entire process takes approximately a minimum of 45 days from the time you select a home until you move in. Please allot the appropriate amount of time it takes to find a home and  move in. 


Step four

Set up to Success

If you're reading this the end goal for you is likely home ownership. In addition to assisting you find a rent to own home we also offer resources that will help you financially and mentally prepare to become a homeowner. 


Step Five

Exercising your Option

 Once you move in you are tenant on a lease option agreement. You will pay a monthly rent until you exercise your option to purchase the home. You will need to provide a written notice 60-90 days before you want to complete the purchase depending on which program you've chosen. The closing date must be occur before the end of the applicable lease term. 

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