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 We collaborate with Owners and Investors who seek high-quality applicants looking for lease option opportunities. We will position a tenant buyer into your property with a non-refundable option fee. During the lease period, the tenant buyer will receive complimentary credit counseling and home ownership courses. Doing so increases the chances of qualifying to exercise their option to purchase your property at the end of the lease term. 

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Set yourself apart by infusing value and appeal to more buyers by offering them financing.  Help with the purchase of your property in the form of a lease option. 

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Our Process



Complete our brief questionaire to help us get a better understanding of your goals. We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss and determine if our program is a good fit for you. 


Due Diligence

An analysis of your property and market area will be completed; desired rent and purchase price will be set. Photoshoot and staging* will be completed for marketing campaign to present property to qualified applicants. 


Establishing Roots

Once your home is selected an earnest deposit is paid, lease-purchase agreement will be signed. Move in monies and lease option fee are paid at move in.


Final Step...


Close escrow

90 days before the lease end date we initiate the option to purchase with the resident. Once approved we coordinate closing with our established Loan Officer and  reputable Title Agency.




Between commissions, holding costs and loss of cash flow, a traditional sale will result in a profit loss for your property. It is unlikely that an Agent will also find the buyer and discount their commission.  With our Helping Establish Roots program, we not only provide the buyer, but we ensure a commission reduction that will exceed your normal profit gain. 


In a lease option, the purchase prices are set based on 3-5% market appreciation. In addition to a higher purchase price you will benefit from principal pay down as your tenant buyer pays your monthly mortgage. 

With our Helping Establish Roots Program you receive a comprehensive, well-established, single source; that successfully take you from lease to Sold!


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Find out if your property qualifies for the Helping Establishing  Roots program. 

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There are many ways that the sellers benefit from our lease-to-own program. Here are a few of our highlights:

  • Less stress: Find quality applicants who want to buy your home. We screen our applicants and set them up for success by offering credit repair during the term of the lease. This gives them a higher chance of successfully qualifying to purchase your home when the time comes.  Having a tenant buyer also offers a more likely chance of them taking care of your property. 


  • In house REALTOR® : Benefit from using an in house REALTOR® . Controlled commission structure, professional Services, FREE contracts and a liaison for the official sale of your property. Receive a Free Rental analysis of your home to ensure you are maximizing the rental income while the tenant is living in your home. Reap the benefits of marketing on the Arizona Multiple Listing Service if you choose, opening up multiple exit strategies.

  • Increase Cash Flow:  By offering to sell your home on a lease option you are adding more value then selling your home the traditional way. More value = More cash flow. With a lease option you are able to require your tenant/buyer pay an option fee. This amount is typically 3-5% of the purchase price and is deducted from the overall sales price of the property. This amount will be credited as the tenant/buyers down payment during the final sale but is yours to keep up front. By selling your home through our program you will prosper from multiple profit points. 

  • Tax breaks: Continue to enjoy the tax breaks that you typically receive as a homeowner. You are able to write off depreciation, loan interest, professional fees which would include any REALTOR® commissions, rental property tax and homeowners insurance premiums. If you are looking to purchase a lease option property you may also be eligible for the 1031-exchange which could save you as much as 50% on capital gains taxes. Consider changing your exit strategy from fix and flip to buy and hold to save. 

                   *This in no way represents legal or tax advice as the author is not a licensed tax professional.


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